Slurry Seperator

Gilmar can supply and install a Slurry Separator and associated equipment for the treatment of slurry to aid compliance with to the Nitrite Volatile Zone regulations. Using roller press technology with low maintenance requirements and operating costs it provides an effective option for a variety of applications.

Manufactured to the highest specifications using stainless steel for
all main components on a rugged subframe designed to suit the harshest environments.

Height 1639mm Width 1350mm Length 1770mm.

The standard is 304 Stainless Steel perforated with 2mm holes
however various options are available.

Single Roller Chain and heavy duty worm and pinion gearbox.
Special soft core, hard faced outer roller construction,
mounted on spring loaded lever arrangement. Rubber coated shafts
for corrosion resistance.

Separates differing wastes without adjustment or dilution.

Power Requirements
1.5kW three phase or 1.5kW single phase.

This Equipment may be eligible for Grant Funding.

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